Country Road, Australia, Spring/Summer 2015-16 Summer

Country Road, Australia, Spring/Summer 2015-16
Summer Catalogue
Source: Country Road website



The stars of our spring campaign have returned. German-born Esther and Swedish native Hedvig flew out to shoot our resort campaign at a stunning location in Byron Bay’s hinterland.  Having just had their own northern hemisphere summer, they arrived bronzed and glowing. We asked them how they spent their holidays, where they went, what they ate and what they wore.


What are your first impressions of Byron Bay and the Australian beach?
My first thought was — I am in paradise. We had an amazing view out over Byron Bay from the house where the shoot took place. I didn’t want to leave! Hopefully I can come back for a holiday.

You have just had your northern hemisphere summer, what did you do? Did you have a holiday?
I went to Venice for the first time for a week which was really relaxing. I also met some friends at Lake Constance (which is Germany’s biggest lake) and went sailing. I am pretty sad that summer is over so it’s nice to come here to Australia and extend it a little.

What do you normally do in your hometown for summer?
I’m from Lubeck and it’s so beautiful in summer. There is a small lake very close to my house where I go swimming almost every day. The Baltic Sea is also nearby where I love to go windsurfing.

What is a typical summer meal at home with your family?
Freshly picked fruit from our garden for breakfast is amazing. We love having our meals in outside in the garden. For dinner, fresh fish from the Baltic Sea is delicious.

Which pieces from our shoot did you want to take home with you?
I totally fell in love with the swimwear, particularly the bright orange printed one piece.

How do you stay motivated to exercise when you are constantly traveling around the world?
For me, sport is fun so I don’t usually have any trouble staying motivated. I’m so often feeling crushed on a plane and once I land in a city I’m usually desperate to get outside, stretch and exercise.

Do you have a smoothie recipe that never fails?
I don’t like anything too healthy. I like loads of berries and fruits and I like to add some almonds that makes it creamy.

via Country Road


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