Nafa Heritage, Fall/Winter 2017-18 (2)

The 2017 NAFA Heritage Campaign Honours the True Nature of Fashion

July 1, 2017

Nature, authenticity, beauty, luxury and heritage: five pivotal words that led the vision of the 2017 NAFA Heritage Campaign. NAFA’s heritage traces back more than 345 years. Today, NAFA provides the finest quality ranched mink as well as the most diverse collection of wild fur and a refined selection of ranched fox to the fashion world. The 2017 campaign captures NAFA’s selection of sustainable and ethically sourced luxury furs, styled in nature.

Shot on a remote location in Quebec, Canada, the snow-covered trails and lakes provided an idyllic landscape to showcase new Fall/Winter 17 creations by renowned fashion designers using ranched and wild NAFA furs. Fresh-faced model of the moment, Esther Heesch modeled pieces by Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Gianfranco Ferré Furs, Braschi and Ego.

“This year, we wanted to strip down the campaign to show fur in an authentic setting,” said Rob Cahill, Senior VP of NAFA Marketing. “We wanted to set a scene that reflects NAFA’s heritage and age-old traditions that we continue to uphold to this day.”

Maintaining tradition and authenticity in the fur trade is at the core of NAFA’s mandate.

“In addition to maintaining our tradition, ensuring that fur continues to be a sustainable and responsible luxury is incredibly important to NAFA.”  Cahill continues. “NAFA’s commitment to upholding our conservation standards played a key role in the direction of this campaign. I think the images and video reflect this narrative.”

The Canadian winter climate was the ideal setting for the luxuriously warm pieces. Styled by FASHION Canada’s Editor at Large, Zeina Esmail, each look was layered with rich knits, tweeds and cashmere and showcased the luxury fur material effortlessly in the natural environment.

Wild fur was well represented in the campaign with a natural beaver hat and vest, a multi-colored raccoon vest and show-stopping red fox vest and hat, all from Gianfranco Ferré Furs by Mondialpelli. A natural brown Canadian sable by Ego and a cropped sleeve Canadian Lynx by Argiriou was also selected. Ranched furs included a white NAFA Mink hooded coat by Braschi, a trendsetting silver fox chubby coat from Michael Kors and a pure Oscar de la Renta ermine scarf. The prized Black NAFA full length coat by Oscar de la Renta was impossible to miss against the snow white background.

Known for their epic nature photography, Toronto-based Roaming Focus Productions was recruited to photograph the campaign and direct a short video that captures the look and feel of NAFA’s heritage in 2017.

Source: Nafa Heritage, Canada website


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